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Tantric   Massage for Women

Connect to your Body

Imagine being able to surrender into a space where you are able to let go and drop into your body. What does your sensuality look like when you're not trying to impress someone or seeking validation?  The inability to orgasm begins with being too much in the head and not enough in the body. Tantric Touch sessions are about awakening your body through touch and breathe. For further enquiries, call me to discuss.


Carol      0450056698


"My once sexual and confident self suffered the devastating effects of cancer treatment - a contorted and pained body and menopause at age 32. I hadn't been intimate for four and a half years. After regaining somewhat "me" I reached out to Carol in hope to rediscover my body, my sexuality and my confidence moving forward. Carol was an absolute blessing. She listened, she understood, she respected and empowered. I felt at ease and reassured that the woman within had emerged. I couldn't imagine my Yoni massage experience with anyone else other than the compassionate Carol. I am forever grateful."

Ms K

"From the first moment I met Carol I knew I was about to have a wonderful experience. Carol is one of those unique individuals who can combine expert knowledge and professionalism with deep empathy, insight and kindness. Carol guided me step by step through the process of Yoni massage in a respectful and calm (and at times playful) way so I felt completely safe and secure. This allowed me to be totally present to both myself and whole experience. The massage itself was incredibly relaxing and pleasurable. And the discussion with Carol before and after the process was reassuring, enlightening and honouring. Simply my experience with Carol has been transformational"

Lady D

"Thanku again for today.It was a very important and special experience for me to do today. I sincerely appreciate your kindness. You are a Goddess.:

Lady C

"Thanks so much for today! Was a wonderful experience !"   


Lady K

"Thanks so much for today Carol, yesterday was a turning point, a marking in the sand for me. My experience today has opened me up to the limitless possibilities of a centred, healthy, happy and smiling Yoni. You are the Yoni Mistress"

Lady P

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