Sexual Awakening Journeys for men, women and couples.  Let go and surrender into a beautiful space where your senses and body are awakened and nourished, Come along on a journey of intimacy and pleasure. Connect with your sensuality and discover the hidden depths of your sexual nature through the art of Tantric Touch practices.



Learn how to last longer.


Tantric Touch Massage gives you a delightfully delicious experience of sensual and sexual surrender to the beautiful rhythm of your own body and its ability to be sensual and connected.


    .Learn to develop greater intimacy around sexuality

  • Learn ejaculation control

  • Experience the bliss of surrender and complete relaxation and prescnce

  • Develop confidence in your sexuality

  • Increase awareness of your body and gain stronger and more lasting erections

Connect to your Body.


Imagine being able to surrender into a space where you are able to let go and drop into your body. What does your sensuality look like when you're not trying to impress someone or seeking validation?  The inability to orgasm begins with being too much in the head and not enough in the body. Tantric Touch sessions are about awakening your body through touch and breathe.

Re-ignite the Flame.

The couples who last, are the ones who make an investment into their sexuality and are willing to try new things. Tantric Touch sessions are individually catered for and can be the beginning of reawakened intimacy and desire. Sessions may be one off or for the seriously invested couples they may partake in the Lovers program which is a 5 session course on intimacy and erotic exploration. Please call to discuss what you would like to experience. Sessions include;

-learning how to give a Tantric Massage to increase deisire, libido and intimacy

-learning how to reconnect using sacred Tantric practices to deepen intimacy

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